Saturday, August 6, 2011

To the Four Directions

To the Four Directions

Spirit of the East, spirit of air,
Of morning and springtime:
Be with us as the sun rises,
In time of beginning,
Times of planting,
Inspire us with the fresh breath of courage
As we go forth into new adventures.

Spirit of the south, spirit of fire,
Of noontime and summer:
Be with us through the heat of the day
And help us to be ever growing,
Warm us with strength
And energy for the work that awaits us.

Spirit of the West, spirit of water,
Of evening and autumn,
Be with us as the sun sets
And help us to enjoy a rich harvest.
Flow through us with a cooling,
Healing quietness and bring us peace.

Spirit of the North, spirit of earth,
Of nighttime and winter:
Be with us in the darkness,
In the time of gestation.
Ground us in the wisdom
of the changing seasons
As we celebrate the spiraling
Journey of our lives.

by Joan Goodwin

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