Tuesday, August 2, 2011

deep relief

Deep relief, that's what I know I'm needing,
Sweet release from all I've locked inside.
A full reprieve from all my fears and worry.
I long to feel the part, where love expands my heart
And I no longer need a place to hide.

Move in slow, so I can hear your breathing.
Take my hand so I can know your touch.
Just to be inside this silent stillness---
My heart has no defense to offer up against
The endless ache of opening this much.

If you know what is happening to me,
Hold me close, we can let our spirits free.
Have you been beyond the other side of hope,
Where everything that's possible can be?

I'm on fire, you see it in my face,
I'm alive with the splendor and the grace.
You are welcome to join me in this space
And journey on the quest, to love our very best
And live within this intimate embrace.

deep relief - ellen robinson - august 2005

I'm not sure it this is a prayer or not, but it is beautiful
Found it here after spinning the prayer wheel:

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