About this blog

For quite a while I would randomly open a book with prayers and read one, every day. For this I used the book 365 prayers for the family by Diane Law.

Most of these prayers were Christian and I am not, I am pagan!
While reading I had to change some of the words to make it fitting to my beliefs. So I decided to write down these transformed prayers and make it into a little collection of pagan prayers. For myself and for other pagans who  might also find it useful.
This is how I started this blog, years ago.

I still use a prayer book daily, now it is a collection of prayers I found all over the internet. And I started writing my own prayers as well.
I also translate English prayers into Dutch, my native language.

People of all times, all over world have been praying to their Gods.
Praying gives peace of mind in times of trouble.
It gives inspiration to those who are searching.
And, ultimately, it brings you close to the Divine. Very close! :)

Zia Elohka - priestess of the Goddess

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