Saturday, May 28, 2016


Great Mother

True Light
Source of all light
Please listen to my prayer

Let Your light
Enfold me
Protect me
And bathe me
In It's healing love

Let the radiance of Your being
Cast out all darkness from my mind
And bring me to the light of Your wisdom

Please give me
Balance and serenity
To face each trial with courage,
Faith and an open mind.

I pray for
Peace of mind
Light, love and joy
For all

Zia Elohka

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Prayer of Oneness

I release my isolation to the Stars
Breathing in the Energy that connects all things
Allowing my body to be caressed by Nature

Filling my lungs with eternal Breath
Filling my senses with the joy of Being Alive
Filling my heart with gratitude for this Moment

Finally allowing my Spirit to soar Free
I am a creation of the Universe
Eternal in my Essence

In time . . . when my life wanes
Returning my body to Star Dust
Held in the body of the Great Goddess
I will again be the Energy of Life

Abby Willowroot

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lady's prayer

Mother of heaven and earth
All Your names are holy
You govern the here and now

You rule the course of planets and life
You feed and clothe us

Make us smile about the mistakes we make
And about the mistakes of others

Lead us on the good path
Deliver us from fear and hate

Yours is the love
The power
And the beauty
Always forever


Zia Elohka